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Introduction Drutas is derived from a Sanskrit word “Drutam” which means agility and Drutas is a collaborative Agile Product Development Tool.

Drutas is trying to make agile development easy, usable, stable & should be able to fit any business culture & managing project expectation.

We at “Drutas” are trying to solve problems an Agile software product development teams face, we are doing it with regular feedbacks as the teams use Drutas for their product development processes.


Managing expectations with Drutas


  • Tracking Resource deprivation

Tool that caters to the need of capturing tasks/ bugs/ feature requests with screenshots and markdowns support from sources like Gmail, desktop and chrome browser


  • Collaboration with dispersed team members

Tool that supports collaboration in the form of task specific comments and discussion threads, Group, project, individual chat, emails and video calls.


  • User project planning

1. To break down epics into user stories, releases, sprints and tasks

2. Estimation

3. Prioritization

4. Assign them to resources while keeping a track of time sheets

5. Resource allocation

6. Bug tracking


What is new in Beta version?

1) Release Planning made easy: Now planning your release backlog is a few click simplified process. Planning is most important for release/sprint success and Drutas has tried to solve this problem for you with this new view. You can set preferences for release and sprint and groom down further backlog for the assignment.

2) Kanban Board: Kanban board is a visualization board which optimize the flow of your work and help to have clear track of work.

3) Scrumban Board: If you follow Scrum and want to embrace Kanban board’s strength then Scrum Ban Board is what you will really love for your team.

4) Non-Google Account Supported: if you or your client does not have google account, don’t worry we are here for you with new version of Drutas. Just use any email id and explore the power of agile tool.

5) Time Tracking: Capturing time sheets, approve/reject process, export all is now integrated in a single tool. Also, generating reports for team is not a huge task for leads. Just have 2 clicks and get your report downloaded.


Adding our bundle features & customized options
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Jan, 30, 2017