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How good project management is necessary for successful project delivery.

A business is successful when management of work is done in such a way that it leads to efficiency in climbing the ladder of success. Project Management has always been the most important part for the proper functioning of the business. Every business has their own strategic goals and proper Task Management advance these goals. […] Read more

3 scenarios where Agile methodology might not work for software development

There is a popular notion that “Agile is a silver bullet & can not fail”, well it’s not true. Whether one follows Agile or not, a lot depends on people working on the project. What their beliefs & values are. Following are few scenarios where following Agile may actually be harmful for the project – […] Read more

How we resolved major project management challenges ?

  Developing awesome software products is lot of fun when you have the right team who can convert your vision into reality. Just having the right team is not enough, there are many challenges that we as a startup software development company faced – Getting everything done with a small team. Too much scattered information […] Read more