Project management = People+Culture+Tools

As we had discussed in our previous blogs as well that a successful product is built only with a great team.The best way to do that is by improving team values and quality of product delivered in each iteration and helping the team do so.

Team and its collaboration, working deliverable, feedback integration, latest tools adoption, motivation and healthy work culture are the key elements which define the success of a product and its team. So managing it right is not micromanaging activities instead it can be done by keeping a balance of the key elements mentioned above. A good project manager is who delivers well and his success depends upon how he values following:

  • People
  • Culture
  • Tools

in our blog refers to the team responsible for delivering A-Class product. When we talk about Agile, there also we learn that successful Agile products are driven by highly motivated and passionate teams. it is important for the product owner to understand his people, Understand what they want? What makes them happy? What keeps them motivated?

The answer lies in an Individual’s goal = Team’s goal = Organization’s goal = Client’s goal.
But practice of this has to start in reverse order :)

Another thing that affects the people is the CULTURE and hence affects the project management as well. Therefore it becomes the responsibility of the project manager to maintain the positive culture within the team. That can be done in various ways :-

  • Giving flexibility to the team members
  • Giving them ownership
  • Share the vision and the updates
  • Tell them the bigger picture
  • Fun environment
  • Help them deliver better


We are because of our customers,“ If we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will. To serve our customer better we need to have the best delivery process.For that we need a tool.

TOOLS help us shape our goal better.

Let me explain how. When there are various technologies emerging out and each one helping people achieving one or the other thing in a faster and an efficient way. As a project manager if you provide your team and project with latest tools and technologies that can help them deliver the best of the product. The tools here can be collaboration tools, tracking tools, DevOps management, source control etc.

Feb, 20, 2017