Not Agile? Sure, you aren’t breeding tarantulas in your project?

Just like Tarantulas uses it web too capture its prey & a bite of Tarantulas can make its pray close to dead, similarly not using or avoiding agile methodologies in today’s fast pace & highly competitive environment is not less than having a Tarantulas with you. Lack of agile techniques can put you & your project under lot of trouble.

There is a famous saying “If you don’t change with time the time will change you”. In today’s time when competition has grown in every sector & the way technology has evolved over time, the hunger to achieve more has also taken new level. People want things to be delivered fast in a cost-effective manner & serving their current need in the best possible manner giving edge over the competitors, with the rapid change in technology you have change your approach with the latest demand to stay in competition.

The IT Software industries has also faced the same challenge with the change of technology, whether it’s a service based industry or a product based industry the end user wants the product to be delivered fast as per his needs which solves problem to his/her needs with the latest technology & in cost effective manner.

There have been many case & I guess you guys will agree with me, where the client has given requirement & the end solution was totally different from client’s requirement or he needs something better then what was expected initially as over the period of development the technology & requirement has been changed . Now days the client needs the product/service in a limited time with the latest technology & working in non-Agile environment can be tarantulas for you.

I was working as a product owner in my last projects & went across the same problem, being associated with client & engaged in requirement gathering activity, I came across the issue where the client initial requirement was some things else which changed with time.

Using the waterfall model makes it difficult to gather requirements, I believe taking requirement is the most difficult task in the complete software development cycle, customer is no able to visualize the requirement initially with the requirement document Along with that client is not able to view the product till the time it is developed & it becomes too late to change the requirement which can be very costly.

Thus, not using an agile methodology can put your project under lot of risk & uncertainty which can cost you both mentally & financially & in the end you may land up dissatisfying your client & impacting your business.

I will love to hear your personal opinions on this.