Importance of Agile tool in employee recognition & how it helps in increasing business targets.

In this post, we’ll explore importance of employee recognition & how a tool can help you in measuring employee engagement and how direction business leaders can take in an effort to improve engagement in their own organizations.

Why employee recognition program

Employee recognition programs offer benefits not only to the employees themselves, but also to the companies that utilize them.

We have determined that employees who feel satisfied in their work environment are more likely to be efficient and productive.

But what about the bottom line for the company? How well do these employment engagement programs actually influence a company’s ROI and where should organizational leadership focus first?

  • Aon Hewitt has reported that in 2010, organizations with high levels of engagement (65% or greater) outperformed the total stock market index and posted total shareholder returns that were 22% higher than average. On the other hand, organizations with low engagement (45% or less) had a total shareholder return that was 28% below average. (Source)
  •  A 2011 survey of 2,435 U.S. employees found that in organizations with high levels of customer service, employees are 2.5 times more engaged than in companies with poor customer-service ratings. (Source)
  1. Main focus of the company- Employee goals should be in sync with company’s’ vision & mission so that both work in the same direction.
  2. Where should the leader focus- While many employee recognition programs focus on rewarding the very best, or addressing the most significant or urgent, there is a silent majority being missed. A large percentage of the workforce comes to work every day, works productively, and often goes unrecognized and unaddressed.

It’s the responsibility of the management to

  • Recognize and validate great work. Reinforce the attitudes, actions and events/results that propel your company forward.
  • Value every employee & bring out the unique quality & optimize it for best results for the organization as Every Employee Wants to Feel That They Are Valued
  1. How employee engagement helps is in company’s’ growth-

If an employee is satisfied with the organization he will give his best in every task he is assigned thus improving his & project productivity which will lead to companies’ growth.

Use of tool

As as your team & company starts growing it becomes difficult to keep a track of all the projects & the employees associated with them which eventually brings negligence & dissatisfaction between the employees as they feel their work is not appreciated.

To remove such issues, it is very important for growing companies to bring a tool for their rescue.

How an Agile tool like Drutas helps


Using a good product management tool in an organization helps in implementing the following activities: –

  • Brings clarity-All the task will be well planned & updated in the tool which will remove ambiguity in project information & brings clarity.
  • Increases performance -Employees will have a clear picture about the task assigned to the them which will remove work pressure & further increasing employee performance & team productivity.
  • Cost effective – A good product management tool helps the management to keep a track of all the task assigned to employees & their productivity which helps in better project planning & on time delivery of a product.
  •  Helps in company growth-Removing all the above-mentioned issue will keep the employee and the client happy thus helping in company’s growth.


May, 01, 2017