How to do Sprint Planning through Drutas?

Pre-requisite – All the tasks from Product backlog are already entered in Drutas.

  • Plan for either 2-week sprint Or 30 days sprint. Ideally for 2-week sprint 4 hour meeting is sufficient, & for 30 days- 8 hour meeting i.e. 1 day.
  • Invite Product Owner, Scrum Master & Development team to the meeting.
  • Scrum Master’s role is to keep a check on time, & to ensure that team is not over committing anything which can’t be done in that sprint.
  • Decide a Sprint Goal, having sprint Goal is mandatory because at the end of sprint one shippable feature should be finished as opposed to user stories which are not related to each other. E.g Sprint Goal could be – “Improve UI of the product” user stories related to UI would be picked.
  • Now, open “Release plan View” from Drutas, select “All tasks” from Drop down.


  • Click “Add Sprint” button, & fill in the details required:


  • Now discuss & finalize what tasks should go in this sprint, Simply drag & drop those tasks into the newly added sprint window:



  • Assigning tasks during sprint planning meeting is not recommended reason being having names in front of every task reduces team’s accountability & also teams won’t learn to collaborate & help each other & simply would wait on each other.

But if you are just starting your Scrum practices you might get uncomfortable not having names in front of tasks..Please follow this link in that case –

  • Estimate hours for each task & update that in Drutas. [For this open task in “Release View”, Select “I want to work on [Sprint Name]” , click on task, & add hours] :


Try to break down tasks in such a way that they are completed in less than a day.This gives sense of progress during daily standup meeting & opportunity to collaborate.

  • Make a practice to daily update status of each task – Either “done”, or “In Progress”..If “In Progress”, update hours spent.

Good luck for your next sprint. For any queries contact us at Contact Us

Mar, 16, 2016