Setting up your product team

Setting up your product team

Follow the instructions to login Drutas Admin Panel.

Steps to add your project in Drutas

1. Once you have landed up on Admin Panel
2. Home page will be opened as shown belowadd-your-product3. Click on + icon to add new Project
4. Enter project name and select company to which you want to add this project as shown belowadd-new-project5. Click on ‘Add’ button

Adding team members to project

1. Select the project which you intend to manage from left panelselect-product2. Start typing the user’s email id whom you wish to add in the project. If he/she is Drutas user, email will come up in the suggestion dropdown else invitation option will be visible as shown After selection, click on share if selected from dropdown else click on invite button. This member will receive an email with instructions to signup Drutas if not registered else project will be shared.
4.You can now check all shared users in the list of team members as shown below

How to add/remove a stakeholder for project

A stakeholder is the team member who is responsible for managing the project team and can access the Admin Panel. Only a stakeholder can add/remove another stakeholder for the project.

1. Select the project from the left panel which you wish to manage
2. Click on more action icon against member email whom you wish to add/remove as stakeholder
3. If that person is not a stakeholder, you can click on ‘Mark as Stakeholder’ as shown below. If the member is already a stakeholder, you will instead see ‘Remove as Stakeholder’ optionadd-remove-user

How to remove user from project team

1. Select the project from the left panel
2. Click on more action icon against user email whom you wish to remove from project
3. Now click on ‘Remove from Project’remove-from-project4. Now user will no longer have access to the project

How to set cost/hour for a user in the project

When you build a product for the client, usually cost/hour for each resource is important for billing purposes along with the time-sheet management.

Stakeholder can set cost/hour in specific currency using ‘User Setting’ option from Admin Panel

1. Select the project from the left panel
2. Click on more action icon against user email
3. Now click on ‘User Setting’
4. Add detailscost-hour-currency5. Click on ‘Save’ button