How to Sign up into Drutas

How to Sign up into Drutas

Drutas Overview

Drutas is a product development and project management tool developed by agile development team. Delivering awesome software products is easier when you have all your product ideas, data, interactions, bugs, discussions, tasks, feature requests, user stories, sprints, releases, time-tracking and everything related to the product together at one place. Infact the vision behind developing Drutas was to have all stakeholders at one page i.e. one system as the foundation of complete product.

Advantages of Drutas :

Drutas makes it quicker and easier by being the platform where they are captured, shared, brainstormed, discussed, divided, categorized, tagged, assigned, subscribed, estimated, planned, prioritized, updated, closed and resolved. It helps Product Development Teams to stay focused on their priorities.

How to Sign up into Drutas :

you can signup Drutas using google account or you can sign up creating new username and password.

A. Sign up with Google Account

1. Browse the URL
2. Home page of the Drutas will open (Refer the Screenshot). Click on ‘TRY IT FREE’ button.home_page
3. Now click on sign up with google button.


4. Login with google account and allow access.


5. Now enter basic profile details like Company name, Phone number and Number of Employees in Company. Then click on ‘Start Your Free Trial’ button.


6. Watch the video for introduction of Drutas and click continue to set up your project.


A. Sign up with new Username and Password

1. Browse the URL
2. Home page of the Drutas will open (Refer the Screenshot)home_page

3. Now enter your Name, email, password, and other details. Validate Captcha and then click on ‘Start Your Free Trial’ button.


4. Now you will receive an email with verification link. Click on it and login to access Drutas.