5 Questions to be asked in stand up meeting


In the world of scrum , daily stand up meetings play an important role. But it is important to understand the “WHY” behind it.

The goal of scrum is to release valuable product iterations where in team is focused and dedicated and each of these iterations is called a sprint.

Each sprint is 7-14 days long and the team is focused to achieve the goals thus finalized in a sprint planning meeting.

Standup meetings are conducted daily which are time boxed to 15 minutes max and it is just to ensure that the team is on track to achieve those goals defined for each sprint.

The questions that need to be answered in the stand up call are :-

  1. Were we able to achieve all those things we planned for yesterday ?
  2. Are there any issues/challenges that are stopping us to achieve our goals /targets for a sprint ?
  3. What is that we need to do today ?
  4. Is there anything else that got added to the task list to achieve our user stories we had not planned earlier ?
  5. Lets quickly review the burndown ?

Mar, 11, 2016