5 problems a good product management tool should solve

Product Development is “One of the toughest challenges in today’s time”.A product development implementation requires consistency along with blend of team collaboration & planning which requires patience for certain time duration, which becomes a difficult task for most of the product based organizations to implement.

There is a small difference between the service based IT organizations and product based organization. And that is “Developing for THEM” and “Developing for US”.

Scaling as a product development organization, There are many challenges organization face, if a product management tool can help in curing those issue & believe it’s a “Must have” condition for an organization

Here are few Key features that a product development tool should have.: –

Capture each Idea: – A great product is built with great ideas. And ideas are something that can come anytime. It is very important that any idea that comes to your or your team member’s mind does not go unnoticed. A tool that allows anyone in the team to capture an idea and have discussion around it and helping it convert into a work item is very important. More importantly how easy it is capture and share with the stake holders.

Collaboration: – A team plays a very important role in the product development. A motivated and a passionate team is very important to take the product development to the next level. And for that is very important that the team members are conveyed right things at right time in a right way. Hence a product development tool should have flexibility to collaborate with the team members seamlessly encouraging smooth product development.

Scale with ease: – This is a very important aspect for a product development tool. Usually when the product development life cycle starts, a tool is used and slowly and slowly everything starts coming up on an excel sheet. What is the reason behind it? It is because of the inertia to use a tool when you have workload, hence need an easy way to update the status like in an excel sheet. Easy and smart filtering if it has thousands of items.

All stakeholders on the same page: – This is another reason why people stop using a product development tool. We must agree on this that there are different stakeholders of a product and everyone is dependent on another. Customer who will pay for it, Product Owner who is responsible to deliver, QA who is responsible for the quality of the product, Team who is responsible to develop the right thing, Sales team who is responsible to get the customers, Analysts who are responsible to convey right thing to the team, Customer Support team who talks to customer and build trust, Finance or Accounts team, IT team, HR team or may be more. Each of the mentioned above is dependent on another and needs information to be transmitted from one to other. If a tool is not able to solve this problem or able to provide necessary information to cross functional departments of a product, people must use multiple platforms for the same information and hence discarding the use of a product development tool.

Predictability: – Another great product development challenge is that when the team is developing for them they don’t take deadlines seriously. So, predictability of when a feature will be delivered whether is on time or not is very important. A good product development tool must solve this problem.


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Feb, 13, 2017